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外贸函电索赔回复范文 第1篇


I enclose our new price list , which will come into effect ,from the end of this month. You will see that we have increased our prices on most models. We have ,however , refrained from doing so on some models of which we hold large stocks. We feel we should explain why we have increased our prices. We are paying % more for our raw materials than we were paying last year. Some of our subcontrac tors have raised their by as much as %. As you know , we take great pride in our machines and are jealous of the reputation for quality and dependability which we have achieved over the last years. We will not compromise that reputation because of rising costs. We hope, therefore decided to raise the price of some of our machines. We hope you will understand our position and look forward to your orders.

现谨附上本公司新价格表,新价格将于本月底生效。除了存货充裕的商品外,其余大部分货品均已调升价格。是次调整原因是原材料价格升幅上涨%□,一些承包商的价格调升到%。 过去年,本公司生产的机器品质优良性能可靠。今为确保产品质量,唯有稍为调整价格。上述情况,还望考虑。愿能与贵公司保持紧密合作。


We greatly appreciate your letter describing the assistance you received in solving your air-conditioning problems. We are now in our fifty year of operation, and we receive many letters like your indicating a high level of customer satisfaction with our installation. We are pleased that our technical staff assisted you so capably. We would like you to know that it you need to contact us at any time in the future. Our engineers will be equally responsive to your request for assistance. If we can be of service to you again, please let us know. Thank you again for your very kind letter.



Thank you for your enquiry of May concerning silk blouses. We regret to say that we do not manufacture clothing to your own designs to the highest European standards: Swan Textiles corporation The industrial zone Shekou We supply the factor with all their silk materials, I enclose a swatch of our stock materials for your examination. Should you desire any of these samples made up into finished products , we can supply the swan factory with them. We hope that this will be of help to you and wish you every success in your business dealings.

谢谢月月日来函查询关于纡绸罩衫的事宜。 本公司只生产纡绸布料,供应纺织品批发商和制造厂家,并没有制造成衣,因而未能接受贵公司订货,谨致万分歉意然而,本公司乐意推荐本地一家生产优质男装的工厂,相信可按贵公司设计的款式制造符合欧洲最高标准的服装:蛇口工业区天鹅纺织品公司。 该厂的丝绸布料全由本公司供应,随函了什样本以供查阅,如贵公司认为适合,本公司乐意负责供应所需布料。愿上资料对贵公司有所帮助。 谨祝生意兴隆,事事顺达。


Thank you for your letter of January. I apologize for the delivery problems you had with us last month. I have had a meeting with our production and shipping managers to work out a better system for handling your account .We know we made a mistake on your last order . Although we replaced it for you. we want to make sure it does not happen again. We have devised the enclosed checklist to use for each of your future order. It includes your firm's particular specifications, packing requirements and marking instructions. I believe can service your company better and help you operations run more smoothly with this safeguard. Please contact us if there are any additional points you would like us to include.

感谢月日来信。对上月贵公司更换所需货品,唯恐类似事件再发生,本公司生产运输和出口部经理已商议制订更有效方法处理贵公司事务,并为此特别设计清单。 随信奉上该清单,供贵公司今后订货之用。当中包括特殊规格包装要求和樗说明等栏目,相信此举有助本公司提供更佳服务,促进双方合作。如欲增设任何栏目于该清单上,恳求惠示。


Thank you for your enquity of are always pleased to hear from a valued regret to say that we cannot agree to your request for technical information regarding our software security fact is,that most of our competitors also keep such information private and sincerely hope that this does not inconvenience you in any there is any other way in which we can help. do not hesitte to contact us again.

月日信收悉,谨此致谢。 来信要求本公司提供有关软件保密系统的技术资料,但鉴于同行向来视该等资料为机密文件,本公司亦不便透露,尚祈见谅。我真诚地希望这样不会对贵公司造成不便。如需本公司协助其他事宜,欢迎随时赐顾垂询。 祝业务蒸蒸日上!


We have been doing business together for a long time and we value our relationship of late, we have not been able to provide the kind of service we both want. The problem is that your purchasing department is changing orders after they have been placed. This has led to confusion and frustration for both of our companies. In several instances. you have returned goods that were originally ordered. To solve the problem , I propose that on receipt of an order, our sales staff contact you to verify it. If you decide on any changes, we will amend the order and fax you a copy so that you can check it. I trust this system will cut down on delays and errors, and allow our operations to run smoothly.

承蒙多年惠顾,本公司感激万分。然近来合作出现问题,令服务水准未能符合对方要求,本公司为此提忧不已。 贵公司采部发出定单后,再三更改内容;更有甚者,屡次退回订购之货品,导致了双方公司工作中的混乱和困惑。为避免问题日趋严重,特此在接到定单后,由本公司销售人员与贵公司复核。若需作出改支,本公司把定单修改后电传副本,供贵公司查核。 盼望上述办法经受减少延误,促进双方业务发展。


It has just come to our attention that you have lately opened your new European headquarters in Brussels. Congratulations on your bold venture. As you know , our companies have had a long business association in the UK. We look forward to collaborating with you in your European venture. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance to you. We will be delighted to help. We wish you the very best of luck and a prosperous future


Could we meet some time this month to discuss the hypermarket proposal? We want to make decision by the beginning of next month. We would very much like to hear your thoughts before we make any definite plans. Could you choose a venue for the meeting? I can fly to London any time, Perhaps you would prefer Lyon or Paris? I leave it to you to choose. I look forward to seeing you again.

您好!未知能否于本月会面,商谈有关特大自助市场的建议呢?我们准备于下月初作出最后决定。在未订下明确计划之前,希望能咨询的意见。敢问能否选定会面地点?在伦敦巴黎或里昂商谈都可以,悉随尊便。 期待与您见面。


Our company manufactures a range of printing presses that are used successfully by companies in over countries. A product specification brochure is enclosed. We are considering expanding our products to new markets and we would appreciate you assistance. In particular , we would like to identify the best agents who are currently serving the printing industryin your region. We are looking for organizations which conduct their business in a truly professional manner. They must be fully conversant with thetechnical side of the printing industry and have a comprehensive understanding of all the features of the lines they represent. We would be very grateful if you could take a few moments to send us the names of three or four organizations that match our shall then contact them to explore the possibility of establishing a mutually acceptable business relationship. Thank you very much for your time and consideration in this matter.

本公司生产的一系列印刷机,获二十多个国家的公司采用。随函附上产品规格说明书,谨供参考。 现为该产品开拓新市场,希望得知贵地区从事印刷工业的代理商资料。如蒙贵公司协助,将不胜感激。如能拨冗寄来数个符合上述要求代理商商号,则感激不尽。本公司将与其联系,研究能否建立互惠互利折业务关系。 右蒙惠告,不胜感荷!


I would like to welcome you to our organization. We are very pleased to have you on our ream. I know that you will be equally proud of our products. Our European sales Representative, Antoine Gerin , will be in touch with you at regular intervals. Please feel to call him any time you have a problem, If I can regular intervals. Please feel free to call him any time you have a problem. If I can ever be of service, please call me. I am planning a trip to France next month, and I am looking forward to meeting you. In the meantime, the best of luck with our product line.

欢迎加入本公司成为我们的一分子。相信您也会以本公司的产品为荣。欧洲销售代理安东尼・格林会定期与联络,遇有问题可与他商讨。若有其他需要,欢迎向我提出。 下月我将赴法国一游,期望能与您会面。谨祝产品销量节节上升。


Would you be interested in stocking a radical new departure in laptop computers? I would very much like to brief you on this great innovation. Could we make an appointment? The machine is the same size as most laptops but comes with some totally new features. The retail price will undercut its nearest competitor by at least %.I shall be in the UK from September to October. If you would like to know more, just fax or telex me.

贵公司有没有考虑配置最新型号的手提电脑?本公司诚意推介该崭新产品,盼能预约时间作一介绍。 该电脑体积和同类电脑相仿,但配备多项先进功能。其零售价较同类产品便宜%以上。本人将于月日至月日逗留英国。如蒙拨冗了解该产品资料,烦请函复。


Thank you for your letter of July regarding your new laptop computer. I regret to say that we cannot agree to your request for an appointment. We currently have the sole agency for another computer company, Under the terms of the contract , We are barred from stocking any other company's products. The sole agency comes under review in six months' time . Contact us then and we may be able to consider your new product.

月日有关新型号手提电脑函收悉。 本公司暂未能安排会面,深感歉意。现时正为另一家电脑公司提任独家代理,根据合约条款,不得销售别家电脑公司的产品。该代理权将于六个月后期满。届时烦请再作联系,共商贵产品代理事宜。


Thank you for your letter of September. I note that you will bein the UK during the whole of November. We are quite interested by the fashion knitwear illustrated in yourcatalogue. As a fashion Chain. We might consider having some of our own designs manufactured in China. Please let me know when you would like to call on us. The week beginning November would suit me best. I look forward to meeting you and discussing this matter.

感谢月日的来信。欣闻阁下将于月逗留伦敦一个月,望到时能拨冗相会。本公司对贵公司商品目录中的针织时装深感兴趣。现正研究设计款式,在中国制造后寄本公司时装连锁店发售。 如能于月日或其后数天抽空来访,当感激不尽。 期待与您会面,商讨有关事宜。

外贸函电索赔回复范文 第2篇









Dear Sirs;

The Bbank of Cchina Shanghai Branch has informed us that your company is a large importer of textiles products. We have the pleasure of introducing ourselves to you ,our company is as a local

the largest textile manufactures in our area. Enclosed please find varies pictures of a variety of our quality textiles picture products.

Besides, we are desirous of the details of your requirement, so as to provide better service.

1 Your specialized in market/

2 Categories of your specialized products

We are looking forward to establishing long-term business relations.

Best regards


March 7,

Dear sirs,

We have your name from Messrs. Smith Co.

Our company is a large leading cooperation specializing in textiles items. We have been engaged in this line for 20 years, ()and have business relations with many countries in Southeast Asia.

We are writing you to enter into direct business relations with you. We hope you can send us the latest product catalog and pricelist.

We are looking forward to your inquiry.

Yours Sincerely,

Jone Smith

Manager of Import Department


Dear sirs,

Thank for your letter of March 7th, informing us of your interest in our product. We look forward to establishing positive business relationship with your corporation.

We are mainly dealing in the export of Chinese light industrial products. We are convinced that our joint business efforts will be to our mutual benefits.

As requested, a booklet including a general introduction of our latest product catalog together with our samples. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Yours faithfully,

外贸函电索赔回复范文 第3篇

外贸函电的规范与否直接影响到客户对公司的印象,对于外贸人员来说,每天写外贸函电,回复函电。你的函电是否规范呢? 把直接的函电于下文对照看看。。。


Dear Sir or Madam:

Enclosed is our new price list which will come into effect the end of this month. You will see that we have increased our prices on most models. We have, however, refrained from doing so on some models of which we hold large stocks. The explanation for our increased prices stems from the fact that we are now paying 10% more for our raw materials than we were paying last year, along with some of our subcontractors having raised their prices as much as 15%.

As you know, we take great pride in our product an dare proud of the reputation for quality and dependability we have built over 15years. We will not compromise that reputation because of raising costs. We have, therefore, decided to raise the price of some of our products.

We hope you will understand our position and look forward to your cooperation.

With best regards,



Dear Sir or Madam:

This is regarding our quotation dated 2 November, and our mail offer dated 8 November concerning the supply of widgets(小机具).We are prepared to keep our offer open until the end of this month.

For your information, the market is firm and growing. There is very little likelihood of any significant change in the visible future. As this product is in great demand and the supply is limited, to secure your order, we would recommend that you accept this offer without delay.

Yours sincerely,



Dear Sir or Madam:

Thank you for your mail. We are disappointed to hear that our price for your required product is too high for your acceptance. You mentioned that Japanese goods are being offered to you at a price approximately 8% lower than our quote.

We accept your position, but we are of the opinion that the quality of the other makes does not measure up to that of our products. Although we are keen to do business with you, we regret that we cannot accept your counter offer.

We do want to try and work with you, and meet your request, but the best we can do is to reduce our previous quotation by 3%.We hope that this will meet your approval.

We look forward to hearing from you.

With best regards,



Dear Sir or Madam:

Thank you for your order of 500b/w TV sets by your letter dated 17 July.

We have considered your proposal to pay by a 30-day letter of credit. We do not usually accept time credit; however, in view of our long and mutually beneficial relationship, we are willing to make an exception this time.

I must stress that this departure from our usual practice relates to this transaction only. This one-time accommodation does not set a precedent for future transactions.

I am enclosing our sales contract covering the order. I would be grateful if you would follow the usual procedure.

Yours sincerely,



Dear Sir or Madam:

Thank you for your letter dated 2 October requesting payment against documents for contracts and 483.

We are pleased to say that we agree to your request. We wish, however, to make it clear that in our future transactions, involved for each transaction is less than US$5,000 or the equivalent in Renminbi. Should the amount exceed that figure, payment by letter of credit will be required.

We would like to say that this exception is allowed only in light of our long and mutually beneficial association.

Yours sincerely,


外贸函电索赔回复范文 第4篇

September 4,

Mr. Rob Subbaraman

Export Manager

Nusantara Trading Co. Ltd.

Jalan Malaks



Dear Mr. Subbaraman,

Order NT-20717

We have received the documents and taken delivery of the above order which arrived at Kowloon on the . Toho Maru.

On checking the goods we found that carton 13 contained only 15,000 Coconut ball pens,although 24,000 had been entered on both the packing list and the invoice.

The full consignment is urgently required to complete orders for three of our major customers so it is absolutely essential that you ship the additional 9,000 ball pens on the earliest possible flight from Jakarta.

This is the third time in the last twelve months that you have short-shipped one of our there is any further repetition of this we will be forced to look for an alternative supplier.

Yours Sincerely,

Leung Suet Chan

Deputy Manager

外贸函电索赔回复范文 第5篇




范文短装索赔 _____________:






Dear Sirs,

RE:CLAIM FOR SHORT WEIGHT1500 cartons of canned mashroom under the contract No. FA1770854 have been shipped to Anterwep by “YONGFENG”steamer on 10th taking the delivery,145 cartons have been found missing. We were told by the shipping company that only 1355 cartons had. been shipped on the the weight is short in large quantities,please make up a deficiency of 145 cartons of the missing goods when you deliver the last three items. You are kindly requested to check whether these 1500 cartons of mushroom. were loaded on ship in whole at the port of shipment. please reply by cable.

Yours truely,